Ivy Universities with the Highest Acceptance Rates

Ivy Universities with the Highest Acceptance Rates

Ivy League schools have gained a reputation for lifelong networking opportunities, high-quality education, and high rankings. The universities in the Ivy League have strict norms for selecting students during the admissions process.

The Ivy League is a group of eight universities in the northeastern United States that hold high reputations around the world. The universities included in the Ivy League are Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Cornell, and Dartmouth.

All the universities in the Ivy League have a very low acceptance rate, despite the immense amount of applications. Check out the acceptance rates of universities:

IviesClass of 2023Class of 2024

Universities with the highest and lowest admission rates:

  1. Harvard University:

The strict criteria for the selection process at Harvard University indicate a lower acceptance rate. For the current year, the university admitted 3.41% of the applicants, making it the second-lowest admission rate in its history. For the class of 2027, Harvard University accepted 1,942 applications out of 56,937.

  1. Columbia University:

For the class of 2027, 57,129 applications were submitted, out of which 2,246 were selected. This reflects an acceptance rate of 3.9%, which is slightly higher than 3.73%.

  1. Pennsylvania University (UPenn):

This year, UPenn saw the fifth-highest number of applications in its history. Over 59,000 applications were submitted for academic excellence, and the acceptance rate is around 4.1%, or 2,400.

  1. Yale University:

The number of applications received by Yale University is 55,250, out of which 1,433 are accepted. An additional 54 students were given admission during 2021–22, but their admissions were deferred for a year.

  1. Brown University:

The competition for admission at Brown University is intense and attracts a large pool of students. Brown University offered admission to 1,730 students for the class of 2027.

  1. Dartmouth University:

Dartmouth University is one of the elite universities counted among the Ivies. The university receives over 23,000 applications every year.

  1. Cornell University:

This university receives one of the highest numbers of applications. Even so, the acceptance rate of the university is high, as 4,994 students were accepted for the class of 2027.

  1. Princeton University:

The acceptance rate of Princeton University is 5.8%, which indicates that it is the university with the second-highest acceptance rate.

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