Open doors of excellence: why Australian universities are Indian students’ top choice

Australia’s quality education system has ample opportunities for students. Indian students primarily plan to pursue education at Australia’s top university. Furthermore, world-class education system and so much to offer, Australia is home to many exciting opportunities.

Below are highlighted some key trends regarding Indian students pursuing higher education in Australia:

Sanjog Anand, co-founder of Rostrum Education:

  • The pillars of Australia’s higher education are diversity, innovation, and excellence: Firstly, the programmes at the university are curated to acknowledge diversity, excellence, and innovation. Moreover, campuses of universities provide cutting-edge facilities to students. This encourage them to adapt in an inclusive environment.
  • The great outdoors: Apart from enriching the knowledge of students, the healing outdoors in Australia brightens their mood. Even, Australian cities have much to offer students to let them explore their surroundings.
  • World-class programmes offer students the skills to adapt to real-world scenarios: Studying degrees from Australian universities brings exciting career opportunities for students. Furthermore, the courses are designed in such a way to enable students to understand how the real-world scenario works.

Rohit Sethi, Director of ESS Global:

  • Australia is famous for Group 8 universities: The Australian universities are famous for their research. Even the contribution of universities to providing quality education is in demand.
  • Master’s degrees range from 1.5 to 2 years after a bachelor’s degree: Master’s courses in Australia usually range from 1.5 to 2 years. Students are allowed to work for 40 hours. However, the 40 hours work allowance in a week make this the first country to grant this much freedom.
  • Higher education in Australia has great opportunities for post-study work visas: The education from Australia is accompanied by benefits of post-study work visa. Since, a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 6 years of exposure to the job market is given.


Australia’s highly quality education system, inclusive environment, and supportive policies attract Indian students to study there. However, if the trends continue to follow, then it is anticipated that students will keep getting attracted to the education system of Australia.

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