Legal scholarship UK

Legal qualification in the UK is open to all due to the new law scholarship:

The Law Training Centre in the UK has introduced an ‘Open to All Scholarship’, which makes legal qualifications accessible to all students, including international students. Under this scholarship, the candidate will receive £1,558 (164 lakh INR), depending on the course they have chosen. However, the motive of scholarship is to remove the financial hurdle that comes between their legal qualifications and their degree.

The scholarship launched is coming into effect on August 1, 2023. It aims to make a career in law accessible to all, irrespective of their background. Even, students from any location, including India, can avail themselves of this scholarship.

According to the criteria of the Open to All’ scholarship, learners who want to study CILEX, CLC, and NAMP with the Notarial Academic Training Course can avail scholarship. The current Access to Law SQE Scholarship, worth over £100,000, has been awarded to 97 students seeking to become solicitors by studying SQE 1 or SQE 2, with no applications having been denied.

The process to apply for this scholarship is easy and efficient, keeping in mind the applicants. Even as of now, there is no fixed deadline for the application. There are no restrictions on the students applying for the scholarship as long as the applicant is a recipient of one of the Law Training Centre’s other scholarships.

This news came into effect after the memorandum was signed in June between the Bar Council of England, the Bar Council of India, and the Law Society of England and Wales. The signing of this memorandum shows strengthening ties and legal cooperation between the members.

As part of the change, new rules have been introduced that will allow lawyers licenced in England and Wales to practise law in India. Also, lawyers licenced in India to practise law in England and Wales.

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