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Factors influencing Indian students’ decisions to study abroad:

The increased possibility of multiculturalism, security, and a quality life turn out to be the top reasons why prefer higher studies abroad. Every year, lakhs of Indian students move to faraway lands to pursue their higher education. According to the statistical data represented by the Ministry of External Affairs, more than 13,00,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in different programmes in 79 countries. As per the data, the countries where students prefer to study include the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Ireland.

Not only this, students must consider many factors to choose the best university and course for them. A few common factors students keep in mind are ranking, faculty, accreditation, placement, and cost of study. Perhaps there are no single strict criteria according to which students tend to select the best university for them.

There are various factors that contribute to shaping students views about whether they should study in a particular country or not.

Data Politics:

Every country does not feature similar factors, though one thing that works at last is quality over quantity. According to the statistics, more than 4,00,000 students have come to the United States to pursue higher education. Nearly 3,982 universities and colleges in the US are welcoming them. However, over 55,000 students attended one of the UK’s 130 colleges or universities.

The statistics clearly show a difference in the enrolment rate in the USA and the UK; that is how data politics works.

Rankings of the university:

After selecting various universities, students tend to analyse the rankings. The QS rankings have a vital role to play in the selection process. While the QS ranking methodology places an emphasis on aspects like sustainability, international research, and employability, students today also place a high value on a university’s track record of achievement over the long term.

Powerful language, lifestyle, and culture:

Although there are many different languages spoken in India, English has become a unifying factor for the people of the nation. As a result, the top destinations for Indian students are those that have a large English-speaking population, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Security and peace:

There is violence and attacks in almost every other nation; however, there are nations that provide safety to students and citizens of the country. The crime rate is increasing in nations like Australia, the USA, and New Zealand, making them a little more dangerous places to be. whereas countries like Ireland and Denmark have topped the peace index chart.

Popular industries:

Every country has a reputation for being popular in certain industries. Whenever students select a career path, they even look out for possibilities to grow professionally. It has been cited that the most popular industry sectors in the United States are healthcare, commercial banking, and health and medical insurance. On the other hand, popular sectors in Australia are finance, professional services, and coal mining.

In conclusion, the factors given above also turn out to be the top reasons why an individual prefers higher education abroad. Not only this, but it can also become a determining factor in choosing universities to study abroad.

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