Five affordable G20 Countries where Indian Students can study abroad:

Students from various backgrounds decide to pursue higher education abroad for a variety of compelling reasons. One prominent factor is the pursuit of better educational and career opportunities. In 2022, the Ministry of External Affairs reported that over 1.3 million Indian students ventured to 79 different countries across the globe. When selecting a destination for higher education abroad, students carefully consider several critical factors, including affordability, the quality of education, living conditions, and visa accessibility. There are particular G20 nations that Indian students tend to favor. As India hosts the G20 summit, let’s shed light on five G20 countries that offer affordable higher education opportunities for Indian students.


Canada boasts top-notch universities renowned for providing high-quality education. Additionally, Indian students have access to numerous scholarships and financial aid options when studying in Canada, making it an attractive destination. Furthermore, Canada offers promising job prospects to international graduates.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is an increasingly popular choice for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. What sets it apart are the lucrative scholarships and financial assistance programmes available to international students. The solid Saudi economy forms the basis for affordable education options, drawing students to its institutions.


Australia attracts thousands of Indian students each year for higher education, primarily due to its affordable tuition fees and cost of living. Australian universities are highly regarded for their commitment to quality education, further enhancing their appeal to Indian students seeking international learning experiences.


Russia is a preferred destination for many Indian students, particularly those pursuing medical courses. The lower cost of education in Russia compared to other developed nations is a significant draw. This affordability, combined with the quality of education offered, makes Russia an attractive option.


Germany is renowned worldwide for its affordable higher education opportunities. German universities are highly regarded, making them the top choice for Indian students when considering studying abroad. The combination of quality education and reasonable costs solidifies Germany’s position as a preferred destination for Indian students seeking higher education.

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