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A comprehensive guide to choosing the best international university to study abroad:

Indian students are highly attracted to higher studies abroad, as it proves to be fruitful for them. The world-class education, different culture, and widened career prospects become the reasons of attraction for Indian students. Even reports by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) revealed that around 2.6 lakh Indian students went abroad in 2020, compared to 5.9 lakh in 2019.

The number of students moving abroad in 2020 will remain limited due to the pandemic. However, a report from Red Seer estimates that by 2024, around 2 million Indian students will be studying at foreign universities. It is required to choose the right university for a great study abroad experience. Here is how you can choose the best university:

Academic reputation of the university:

It is important to determine the academic reputation of the university that you are planning to study at. Consider the global ranking, accreditation, and recognition of the universities in your chosen field of study. Moreover, it is advisable to take into consideration the data of official and recognised websites.

Consider the tuition cost:

Studying abroad is a valuable investment, but a good cost is involved in the whole procedure. However, students should consider all the costs, starting from tuition fees to small miscellaneous expenses, to get a fair idea of how much they need to invest.

There are multiple online tools available that might help you calculate and compare the cost of living in different cities and countries.

Career prospects:

Students, when deciding which universities to study abroad for higher education, should consider the key factor, i.e., employment. While considering the programme and universities to get enrolled in, students need to research the employment factor and post-study working rights in the country. The official government websites of countries have all relevant information in relation to post-study working rights.

Quality of life and safety:

It is not only about academics; students need to gain exposure outside of university as well. Perhaps the quality of life in the country should suit their lifestyle preference, which offers a comfortable living experience. So, do not just consider the ranking of universities but also of countries in terms of quality of life and safety.

Support services at the university for international students:

Indian students moving to a new country might face some challenges adjusting to the new environment. The universities provide support services to international students so that they can feel at home while being in a country.


Studying in a foreign nation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that necessitates thoughtful consideration about universities to study abroad. So, research before settling on a specific country and institution. You may make informed choices that are in line with your educational and personal goals if you consider factors including academic reputation, cost, post-graduation opportunities, quality of life, safety, and support services.

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