Why Indian students constantly choose Northern Ireland to study in 2024?

The annual influx of students choosing to study abroad has steadily increased, reaching 7.5 lakh in 2022. This growing trend is evident as thousands of students worldwide express a preference for international education. Traditionally, the most sought-after destinations for studying abroad have been the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US. However, there was a notable shift in the past year, with students exploring alternative countries.

Among the diverse choices made by international students, Northern Ireland has emerged as a popular destination. This highlights a broader trend where students are expanding their horizons and considering a variety of nations for their academic pursuits.

Why has Northern Ireland become a preferred study abroad destination?

Northern Ireland has become increasingly popular among students as a top choice for studying abroad, and here are key reasons that make it an ideal destination for higher education in 2024:

World-Class Education:

A paramount factor influencing students’ preference for studying abroad is access to quality education. Northern Ireland stands out as its universities are globally recognised for delivering high-quality education across diverse fields. A highly qualified faculty is responsible for imparting real-world skills to students, contributing to this distinction. Through leveraging innovative teaching aids, the faculty builds a high-quality learning environment that is both inclusive and collaborative within the classroom.

Career Opportunities:

Many students choose Northern Ireland as their preferred destination for the abundant career opportunities it offers. Graduates consistently report securing placements in leading industries, attributing their success to the unique on-campus activities provided throughout their courses. These activities not only distinguish their applications but also contribute to a well-rounded skill set. This aspect sets them apart from other candidates in the job market.

Additionally, the region has experienced significant economic growth, further enhancing the appeal of Northern Ireland as a study destination. The current unemployment rate, standing at 2.1 percent, reflects a favourable job market, providing students with promising prospects upon completing their education in the country.

Seamless visa application process:

Students applying for a student visa in the country must be a minimum of 16 years old. However, for students under 18 years old, parental consent is a prerequisite. The application process is seamless and involves some seamless steps, starting with applying to a university, receiving an unconditional offer letter, and obtaining a Certificate of Acceptance (CAS) for GBP 25. The visa application incurs a fee of GBP 490, and applicants must possess a valid passport.

Additionally, a mandatory healthcare surcharge of GBP 470 per year is part of the process, providing access to the UK’s National Health Services (NHS). This comprehensive overview outlines the key requirements and steps involved in securing a student visa for those considering education in the country.

Travelling Options:

For students contemplating travel in Northern Ireland, it’s crucial to note that public transportation is highly affordable. The cost-effective nature extends beyond local commuting, with the presence of low-cost airlines facilitating budget-friendly travel options. People extensively utilise both cars and buses in the country, resulting in an estimated monthly transportation cost of around GBP 88. This affordability and diverse transportation options contribute to the convenience and accessibility of travel for students in the region.

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