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US and UK universities comprise 47 of the top 100 in the 2024 World University Rankings:

The Times Higher Education recently released its 2024 World University Rankings, meticulously evaluating 1,904 universities across 108 countries and regions.

Among these rankings, the United States dominates with 36 universities securing spots within the top 100, while the United Kingdom follows closely with 11 universities in the top tier. Notably, the University of Oxford claims the coveted top position.

Of the top 100 universities listed, four countries – the US, UK, China, and Germany – host 62 universities. Germany and China each boast eight and seven universities, respectively.

The top ten universities, as per the Times Higher Education rankings, are as follows:

  1. University of Oxford: Located in the UK, the University of Oxford enrols 21,750 full-time equivalent students, with a near 50-50 gender ratio and a significant 42% international student growth.
  2. Stanford University: Based in the US, Stanford University ranks second, witnessing a 23% increase in international students and maintaining an impressive student-to-staff ratio of 6.4.
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): With 11,085 full-time equivalent students, MIT from the US secures a top position, with 33% of its students coming from international backgrounds.
  4. Harvard University: Renowned for its reputation and admitting a substantial number of students, Harvard maintains a near-balanced gender ratio (51:49) and stands first in the Reputation Rankings.
  5. University of Cambridge: Another UK institution, the University of Cambridge holds the fifth position in both the World University Rankings and Reputation Rankings.
  6. Princeton University: A US-based institution hosting 7,753 full-time equivalent students, Princeton University offers diverse options for student excellence, with 23% international student enrollment.
  7. California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Renowned for its science and engineering programmes, Caltech secures the seventh spot in the World University Rankings and US College Rankings 2022.
  8. Imperial College London: The College is a science-focused institution in the UK’s capital, hosting over 20,000 full-time equivalent students.
  9. University of California, Berkeley: A top-ranking university in California, securing the ninth position in the World University Rankings and sixth in Physical Sciences.
  10. Yale University: Yale University is a private Ivy League research university, ranked tenth, standing fourth in the US College Rankings 2022 and eighth in the World Reputation Rankings 2022.

The Times Higher Education ranking methodology assesses universities based on teaching quality, research excellence, research environment, industry engagement, and international diversity.

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