study abroad post covid

Popular study abroad destinations for Indian students following the post-Covid scene

The number of Indian students planning to study abroad has been on a steady rise. There has been a gradual shift from traditional study abroad destinations like the UK, US, and Canada to other emerging study abroad destinations. The emerging destination has made a remarkable impression on the minds of students. All the destinations have something to offer students, from academic programmes to cultural experiences.


Ireland has turned out to be the sought-after destination for Indian students, as the country aims to establish a balance between quality higher education abroad and a vibrant lifestyle. Since Ireland has strong ties with multinational companies, students are regularly provided with excellent career opportunities. Even the rich cultural heritage and warm welcome of students make it a popular destination among Indian students.

Germany and France:

Germany and France are considered the top destinations for Indian students. The world-class universities and affordable education are the reasons why students always wish to be in Germany. On the other hand, France boasts about its high international student recruitment rate because of the quality education provided in the country. Both of these countries are popular destinations for studying abroad.

Malaysia and Singapore:

Due to their closeness to India, the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia and Singapore have become more common among Indian students, particularly those from the southern part of the country. Research and creativity are highly valued in Singapore, making it an appealing choice for students interested in pursuing careers in the disciplines of science, technology, and business. In addition to being in an excellent spot, Southeast Asia offers students an extensive range of cultural experiences and networking possibilities.


Indian students often wish to pursue their higher studies abroad, as these emerging destinations offer a combination of diverse cultures and affordable education. Not only this, studying in these countries will help students shape their perspective regarding personal and professional growth. Students thinking of studying abroad are encouraged to investigate and think critically about these emerging destinations. As the world becomes more interconnected, students from India who are willing to look into new study abroad options will find many doors opening for them.

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