London claims the top spot as the world’s best city for students in 2024, closely followed by Vienna:

London has been acclaimed as one of the premier cities globally for higher education in 2024, according to a recent comprehensive study. The research evaluated various factors such as student popularity, quality of life, English language proficiency, monthly budget, scholarship opportunities, and employment rates.

London, United Kingdom: 31.4 Score

Ranked at the top with a score of 31.4, London boasts high student popularity (3.2), offering an attractive environment for students worldwide. The city’s welcoming and safe environment is reflected in its scores of 56 for friendliness and 1.7 for safety. A score of 164.30 indicates the exceptional quality of life in the city.

However, with an average monthly budget of around €1,700 and abundant fully funded scholarships, it is a remarkable destination. Moreover, London has witnessed a consistent increase in international student numbers throughout the United Kingdom. As per the official data, there were 679,970 international students in the UK during the 2021–22 academic year, with one in three international students residing in London.

Vienna, Austria: 20.6 Score:

Vienna, Austria, secured second place with a score of 20.6. The city is renowned as the largest university city in the German-speaking world. Vienna attracts students with an average monthly budget of €1,200. Furthermore, the city excels in friendliness (64 points) but lags slightly in safety.

Melbourne, Australia: 13.4 Score

Melbourne, Australia, clinches the third spot with a score of 13.4, known for its well-balanced environment, safety, quality of life, and educational excellence. The average monthly budget in Melbourne is €1,370, and it hosts over 140,000 student visa holders, representing a diverse range of nationalities.

Munich, Germany: 10.4 Score:

Munich, Germany, secures the fourth position with an overall score of 10.4 and the highest score for quality of life (77.5). The city is home to the Technical University of Munich (TUM), accommodating 44% of the university’s population.

Paris, France: 8.10 Score:

Paris, France, occupies the fifth position with an overall score of 8.10. Paris exhibits a sociability score of 56 and a safety rating of 1.9, sharing a consistent monthly expenditure with Munich and boasting a current employment rate of 68.6%. Nonetheless, French educational institutions hosted over 370,000 international students in 2022.

Other cities rounding up the top 10 include the following:

  • Montreal, Canada (6.5 score)
  • Sydney, Australia (5.2 score)
  • Toronto, Canada (4.0 score)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (2.5 score)
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1.9 score)

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