Here are suggestions for students seeking suitable accommodation amidst the housing crisis:

As students start their journey to pursue their preferred university, major challenges stand in their way. Most countries are flooded with thousands of international students. Every year, many students plan to study abroad, and they flock to countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, the recent demand for studying abroad created a situation of housing shortages abroad.

A few tips can make it easy for an individual to find the desired accommodation near campus.

Types of accommodation options:
On average, students are given two broad options: staying either ‘on-campus’ or ‘off-campus’.

On-campus: This type of accommodation is suitable for students who wish to stay in the dormitories or hostels. If the students do not wish to pay extra bucks for their travel, they should opt for an on-campus stay. Most of the time, students get access to amenities like a fitness centre or study lounge.

Off-campus: There are many options for students when they choose to stay off-campus, including PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation), homestays, and apartments. PBSA is basically a kind of accommodation designed specifically for international students who prefer staying near campus. On the other hand, homestays basically involve families that are hosting students who are studying at international universities. Moreover, apartments are a little expensive, but there is more privacy for students.

Easy steps to find the right accommodation are:

  • Join social media groups: It is advisable to be a part of a social media group like on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram. The students will be updated about the available housing facilities, either on-campus or off-campus. You can raise a query on these groups in case you wish to find a suitable accommodation.
  • Research all prospects: Once your admission to any of the international universities is confirmed, you should start researching the prospects of staying near or on campus. Verify and research whether an on-campus or off-campus stay is affordable for you. Compare all the major factors for on-campus and off-campus accommodation.
  • Keep all the documents handy: Prepare the documents well in advance for booking an accommodation. You’ll need documents like an offer letter, a passport copy, proof of visa approval, a tuition receipt, and a visa stamp while booking your stay.

Tips to avoid rental scams:

When international students visit abroad for their higher education, they are most of the time fooled by the rental scams.

  • Verify the authenticity: It is advisable to research well before applying for the accommodation, as scammers might use the fake listing and names to fool individuals.
  • Avoid online payment transfers without proper verification: Do not make online payments if you haven’t verified the landlords or property.
  • Review the lease agreement: It is advisable to read all the clauses before signing the lease agreement, as in the later stages it might lead to problems in the future.

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