Essential check list: Top 5 requirements for students studying abroad:

The decision to pursue higher education abroad can change a person forever by exposing them to new people, ideas, and experiences. Moving abroad presents its own difficulties, such as getting used to a new culture and school. For the sake of a more pleasant and stress-free experience, as an international student, carry some essentials.

Here are five things you should always consider carrying while embarking on a study abroad journey:


When heading on the journey for studies abroad, an individual should carry the essential medicines. Not only this, it is crucial to have a relevant prescription for the medicine you are carrying. However, it is also advisable to get well-equipped with the first aid kit available.


Every country has its own currency, and it is possible that the currency of your country is not easily acceptable at local stores. So it is important to carry a reasonable amount of local currency to have easy access to essential items.


Obtaining a student visa is a prerequisite for studying abroad. The process can be complex and time-consuming, so it’s crucial to commence early and gather all necessary documentation.

  • A letter of acceptance
  • Evidence of monetary support
  • Valid passport and photographs in accordance with passport specifications
  • Visa application forms and associated fees
Cooking utensils:

It might take some time to adapt to the local culture of the country. However, consider carrying some essential cooking utensils that will be of great help to you in the distant land. Since you are not going to go shopping right away after moving to the country, it is better to carry some utensils.

Power adapters and converters:

Today’s students can’t imagine life without their electronic devices. Plugs and voltage in your destination country may differ from what you’re used to, so pack the right adapters and converters. In the event of a blackout or other emergency, having access to a portable solar charger or power bank could save your life. Being well-prepared is the key to a successful and pleasurable higher education abroad experience, which in turn is the key to a life-changing journey. You may get the most out of your overseas education by putting in the time and effort required to acquire the necessary paperwork, prioritise health insurance, locate suitable housing, organise your money, and adjust to the local culture.

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