New Study Proposes New York City

A New Study Proposes New York City as the Ideal Destination for International Students in the US:

A recent study conducted by CommercialSearch highlighted New York City as the premier destination for international students seeking education in the United States. A prominent US commercial real estate company conducted the research and found that the top 250 universities are located across New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Moreover, the study noted that New York City hosts approximately 13,500 international students, a significantly higher number compared to any other city in the US. Students are drawn to New York City as a preferred study abroad destination because of its diverse array of student-centric services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Additionally, cities in Texas, namely Houston, Austin, and Dallas, are also ranked among the top six student cities in the US. These destinations stand out for offering high-quality educational experiences at budget-friendly rates, appealing to students seeking affordability without compromising on education standards.

Los Angeles secured the second position among the best student cities, not only for its academic programmes and research opportunities but also due to its diverse range of student support services. The services and unique features offered by Los Angeles make it an attractive location for international students.

Washington, DC, claimed the third spot, enticing international students with a blend of outdoor activities, rich cultural experiences, and convenient transportation options. While cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin may score lower in green commuting metrics, they excel in affordability metrics such as food price index, transportation ticket prices, and rent costs, making them favourable for students prioritising cost-effective destinations. Official figures from the previous year indicated that the United States hosted over one million international students from more than 210 countries. The academic year 2022–23 witnessed a notable 12 percent increase in international student enrollment at US colleges and universities, marking the largest surge in the last four decades.

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